2019 Steuben Parade Queen

Nicole Brandt was crowned as Steuben Queen for the 2019 Steuben Parade Chicago, on Sunday, August 4, 2019. The crowning took place at Tag der Donauschwaben in Des Plaines Illinois. Inge Himmel of the United German-American Societies of Greater Chicago officiated over the ceremony and introduced Nicole with a biography Nicole had written for this event: My name is Nicole Brandt and I am 17 hears old. I love being a part of the German-American community in Chicago. My time in the German-American Community started because of my grandparents coming over to Chicago from Germany When living in Chicago, Marianne and Walter Juengling, along with the rest of the Juengling family, owned the Eintracht German Newspaper. My mother, Gisela, continued her parent’s involvement in the community by being in the Amazonen of the Rheinische Karnevals Verein and the Deutsch Amerikanische Jugendchor. This is how I became a part of these two groups. I have participated with the Amazonen for 6 years and the Kinderchor for 8 years. I am also on my 4th year of taking German at Evanston Township High School. I am very dedicated and proud to be a part of the German community, but outside of that community, I play soccer, I volunteer and I am dedicated to my academics. I play soccer for the Evanston Township girls soccer team and for the Chicago Fire Junior Club soccer. I volunteer at Church for Vocation Bible School and at my school in the Student Ambassadors program. I am a National Honors society member and I am a straight-A student. I am very honored to be the next Kornblumen Königin (Steuben Queen).